Welcome to live.love.balance. My name is Kirsty and I’m a freelance blogger, recipe creator and Nutritional Therapist in-training. I started live.love.balance in 2016, to share my journey of sickness to optimal health, using dietary changes and natural remedies. My goal is to inspire others to take control of their own health and live a more natural life, through eating real food, using non-toxic home and beauty products, and much more.

I have a big passion for problem-solving and I am always seeking to discover new ways of doing things that can help me optimise my life. This applies not only to nutrition, but also to my career, hobbies, relationships and finance. I believe there is a solution to every problem that life throws our way, and I want to encourage others to apply the same principles in their own lives. It’s fun being a life-hacker!


My health journey

My health journey began in 2010, when I discovered that the misalignment of my jaw (known as an under-bite) had been the trigger of my migraines for years. So when I was given the opportunity to have my jaw broken and reset, I jumped for joy! Two years and four operations later (due to complications), my face had fully healed and my migraines had disappeared. The physical transformation also gave me a boost of confidence, as I had always felt some insecurity towards my smile.

On a deeper level, however, my body was not happy with the three courses of antibiotics I'd been given during this time. I began suffering with bloating, agonising abdominal pain and waves of nausea every time I ate food. Floury foods like bread and pasta made the symptoms even worse, provoking extreme fatigue and exhaustion. The symptoms rapidly worsened, until finally after years of suffering, it dawned on me this could not be normal, or healthy for that matter! I didn't know what it was like to feel GOOD anymore.

Over the course of five years of extensive research and self-experimentation, I learned that the antibiotics had not only destroyed the bad bacteria in my gut, but the good bacteria as well. My intestinal lining had been seriously damaged and as a result, food particles were slipping into the bloodstream, triggering an immune response. Gluten made matters ten times worse, since my immune cells had stopped recognising the difference between gluten proteins and the cells of my gut lining, causing my body to attack it’s own tissue!

In 2014, I took it upon myself to go on a vigorous cleansing protocol, after reading about candida overgrowth online. This is a condition in which a type of yeast that naturally occurs in the large intestine grows out of control. I also started supplementing with a high strength probiotic, to rebuild colonies of beneficial gut bacteria that are vital for healthy digestion. I began increasing my fiber intake by consuming lots of of colourful vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and grains. I replaced gluten-containing foods with other delicious alternatives and thanks to my food diary, it became obvious that processed sugar was triggering headaches, so I eliminated this as well.

By 2015, almost all of my symptoms had vanished. My energy levels skyrocketed, I felt stronger and I was able to focus on a project for longer than five minutes! Bloating and abdominal pain became a distant memory, my headaches disintegrated and my skin became radiant. Best of all I could finally enjoy dinners with my friends!


My new lifestyle

My passion for discovering health knowledge grew so intense that in 2016, I made a big decision to leave my career of five years in television post-production, in pursuit of a new direction. I joined a nutrition course at The College of Naturopathic Medicine, where I am currently studying on alternate weekends. I landed myself a full-time marketing position at a local supplement manufacturer, where I get to utilize my digital design and social media skills, as well as build my knowledge in the wonderful world of vitamins and minerals!

In 2017, I took a step towards my goal of becoming self-sufficient, and set up my own vegetable patch at the local allotment. In this same year, nature gifted me runner beans, raspberries, blackberries, rhubarb, tomatoes, spinach, beetroot greens and a ridiculous number of marrows! My new life setup means I have more time to dedicate to working on my blog, gardening, cooking, making beauty products, reading books and chilling with my boyfriend, Rob. Oh, and hanging out with friends (I do have a social life as well, sort of).


Take back control of your health